These IKEA Storage Ads Promote Easily Assembled Ledges

 - Sep 22, 2011
References: tbwa-istanbul & adsoftheworld
Of course you can get away with minimal furnishings in your home, but as these IKEA storage ads point out, there are benefits to acquiring the odd piece of furniture to better organize your possessions. If I had anything resembling this system, I'd be very worried about a potential collapse.

The TBWA advertising agency of Istanbul, Turkey, has put together this set of three prints that each depict a DIY assembled storage system made from the items that it's meant to hold. A DVD and CD rack are made entirely of folios and jewel cases while a bookcase is constructed of hardcover publications.

Although the fictional creator of each shelf in these IKEA storage ads has managed to pull off these precarious balancing acts, perhaps he had better consider the more stable option that comes at an affordable price.