Creative With Flat-Pack Furniture

 - Sep 6, 2007
References: ikeahacker.blogspot & nytimes
When some people shop at the Swedish flat pack furniture megastore they see more than the rest of us. They see potential. Objects can take on other lives, salad bowls can be speaker cases, table tops become guitars, and trunks morph into end table/litter boxes. Maybe doing what ever the hell you want to do with the stuff is easier than following the instructions.

“I think there is a movement around looking at all the products that are available â€" this global stream of stuff â€" and realizing you can tinker with them and rebuild them,” the NY times quoted a man who made speakers from plastic red salad bowls and has, in the past, made audio devices from things like coffee cans. His odd creations "live in the zone of the hack."