From Prefab Furniture Hacks to IKEA Rental Boxes

 - Dec 27, 2009   Updated: Jul 14 2011
Get stoked, because IKEA, your favorite Swedish furniture store that irritatingly forces you to construct your furniture, is about to get real. Ya, about to get real, for real. Anyway, the 32 IKEA Inventions below make it easy to get irritated with that little key they give you to put together a bed. Featuring such topics as Prefab Furniture Hacks and IKEA Rental Boxes, this baby has got you covered.

Implications - Some of the more crazier IKEA inventions to be found on this list include an IKEA Hotel, which kind of makes sense if you think about it since I often find customers sleeping in the beds there anyways. Other wacky IKEA inventions include interactive bed projections, IKEA hacking, as well as impromptu IKEA raves.