- Oct 9, 2012
By wearing a different one of her Gossip Girl headbands every day, Blair Waldorf ensured her notorious title as 'Queen B.' Now that the show is in its last season, let's relive all the fun and drama by looking at some of the most lavish, Blair Waldorf-worthy headbands out there.

Ranging from DIY hair accessory tutorials and plaited hairbands you can make at home, to quirky statement headbands and even couture crown headbands, anyone can add a touch of glamorous Gossip Girl fashion to their ensembles. With feathers, bows and all different types of fun embellishments, these hip accessories can take your outfit to the next level and make you stand out from the crowd.

Feel like a queen when you wear the fashionable Gossip Girl headbands.

Inspired by the Now-Iconic Gossip Girl Headbands' Comeback for its Last Season: