The 'BLEACH BLACK' Crown is Easy to Make and Provides Rocker-Chic Style

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: phosphorwatches & bleachblack
The 'BLEACH BLACK' crown is a fun and easy do-it-yourself project that is sure to give any outfit a rocker-chic look. High-fashion accessories and clothing can often be very pricey, hence, there are cheaper and effective methods that can be used instead to achieve the same look.

This piece was inspired by a photograph of Eugenie Niarchos who was spotted in Givenchy attire. To replicate the look, all that is needed is a strip of leather, screw-in cone spikes and a crop-a-dile hole punch. Simply measure the leather to the desired length, punch the holes and insert the spikes.

This project from the 'BLEACH BLACK' blog is a great way to make beautiful accessories accessible to girls on every kind of budget.