The XWave Sport Headband is a Mind-Monitoring Workout Accessory

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: plxdevices & gizmag
The XWave Sport headband may not help you move objects with your brain or read people's minds, but it will give you some valuable information about the brain activity taking place while you are working up a sweat.

Available in a number of brightly colored neon versions, the band not only keeps sweat out of your eyes while you work out, but also transmits information about your relaxation and focus levels wirelessly to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

A small, removable brainwave monitor slips inside the the front of the headband which keeps track of mind activity through the conductive fabric. Resting over the left eye, the device transforms the electrical impulses sent through your brain into digital signals that can be interpreted to decipher what activities keep you focused and which help you to unwind.