The Fashion156 Cardboard Box Editorial

The Fashion156 Cardboard Box editorial shoot by Mark Shearwood has a hint of '60s hippie flair, but instead of wearing the hippie headband, model duo Sasha Bailey and Sam Bennett, styled by Guy Hipwell, don headbands adorned with roses and cherries, among other things.

From the title of the shoot, viewers can tell that at least a cardboard box is bound to make an appearance somewhere in the series of pictures, and yes, it does. Set in the forest, the Cardboard Box photo shoot, lensed by London fashion and advertising photographer Mark Shearwood, sees a huge-sized recycled cardboard box standing tall and mighty, with Bailey and Bennett, in shirts, suits and robes, taking shade underneath.

The The Fashion156 Cardboard Box editorial will sweep you away with floral looks and stunning outfits.