From Sudoku Skivvies to Video Game Lingerie

 - Jun 13, 2011
Ladies' unmentionables usually satisfy the sexiest part of a gal's wardrobe, and these examples of geeky women's undergarments may increase that level of mystery once you see what unexpected eccentric getups are actually out there.

Of course, what one person finds arousing may not be agreement with the taste of another, but here is a collection of bras and underwear that caters to a particularly dweeby demographic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a nerdtastic negligee, and to prove it, check out the looks of Star Wars Burlesque. Video Game Lingerie brings an element of technology into interactive undressing, while Bowling Alley Negligees really go for the strike. Not necessarily found within the mainstream definition of seductive, these geeky women's undergarments may for some prove even more effective than the classic naughty nurse in the bedroom.