Gregg Horton Develops a Pair of Musical Underwear

 - Mar 13, 2011
References: instructables
Greg Horton has developed this DIY Musical Underwear, and before I explain, yes, it’s a pair of underwear that sings. Greg Horton is an intern for Instructables, a site that showcases interesting products, designs and concepts and the step-by-step process to construct them.

Musical Underwear may be one of the quirkiest things to pop up on the site. Greg Horton thought of the idea for the Musical Underwear when he saw the clap-off bra. This was the men’s alternative to the innovative design, but with pizazz.

To construct the Musical Underwear, Horton uses a pair of bright pink American Apparel undies, a photo-transistor, a mini audio jack and a battery holder. It’s a relatively simple and hilarious idea. As Greg says, "Musical Underwear is the underwear that gets down when you get down!"