The ‘Nice Cup in Bra' is a Hardcore Golfer's Fantasy

 - Nov 15, 2009
References: pinktentacle
We’ve featured all sorts of weird bras (rice and chopsticks bras, solar powered bras) yet when innovations like the "Nice Cup In Bra" by Triumph International Japan come around, I’m still perplexed. Who would want this? When would you wear it? What would you do with it?

Pink Tentacle says it’s "designed to appeal to the hardcore female golfing enthusiast."

That and people who really want to get something off their chests.

"The lingerie consists of a grass-green top that, when removed, conveniently unfurls into a 1.5-meter-long putting mat," Pink Tentacle adds. It also yells "nice shot" when the ball is sunk in the hole.

The "Nice Cup In Bra" comes with a matching skirt that reads, "Be Quiet" on the back—although this outfit could shock people into silence anyway.