- Dec 4, 2011
Take it from someone who owns several fringe purses, vests, and dresses: fringe fashions are nothing but fabulous and fun. The trim is typically associated with bohemian style, in which case it usually adorns some sort of brown suede piece.

Otherwise, fringe fashions can be found on leather items, giving them a rock and roll feel. This gallery explores the different uses of fringe. Whether you're into fringe jewelry, sunglasses, purses, or even leggings, there really is something for everyone. Take a cue from Hollywood's boho chic ladies like Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie and add some fun, flirty fringe into your attire.

However you choose to style your look, you can certainly benefit from incorporating fringe fashions into your wardrobe.

From Steamy Tropical Styles to Rock-Inspired Rollouts: