- Feb 24, 2019
This February 2019 auto list brings some highly innovative autonomous car concepts to the forefront, as well as some experience- and safety-enhancing gadgets that will prove to be incredibly useful to urban dwellers.

In terms of accessories, highlights include the TRILIGHT multipurpose tool by TX Lighting INC. which can assist during an emergency by acting as a warning triangle, an SOS light, a power bank, a jump starter and more. For the more style-minded consumer, Piloti collaborates with Pagani on a luxurious pair of driving footwear.

In terms of cutting-edge transportation concepts, the February 2019 auto round up features Hyundai's walking car which is being developed to handle harsh terrains and respond to hard-to-reach emergencies, while Mercedes-Benz debuts its self-driving platform that hints at the luxe automaker's transition to ride-hailing and product delivery.

From Auto-Enhancing Night Vision Systems to Touring Bauhaus Buses: