From Sandwich-Themed Sneakers to Laceless Combat Boots

 - Feb 26, 2017
These February 2017 shoe trends include a number of unique collaborative efforts, with just a couple examples being the DJ Khaled-designed Timberlands and the Dr. Martens boots that were made with Paris-based designer brand Vetements.

In addition, Yves Saint Laurent released a pair of boldly branded stilettos that were dubbed 'Opyum.' Rather than a traditional heel, the elegant shoes feature the luxury brand's name in the form of an acronym, with the "L" extending outwards to offer a substantial level of support to the wearer.

Also included in these February 2017 shoe trends is the latest collaborative effort between Reebok and Kendrick Lamar, which resulted in a rework of the brand's iconic 'Club C' model. The rapper claimed that the design for the sneakers was inspired by unity and equality, which he believes are especially important to campaign for today given the divided state of the US.