From Male Makeup Gurus to Inclusive Cannabis Expos

 - Jul 6, 2017
These diversity-celebrating endeavors take from a range of different industries, however they all promote a message of inclusion in spaces where it might have been lacking before.

For example, The Everyman Project aims to expand the body-positive movement to focus on both men and women, to remind everyone that they shouldn't have to conform to societal norms in order to feel confident. Although the body-positive movement has been more geared towards women due to the immense pressures that they face, The Everyman Project consists of images of men of all sizes and backgrounds to challenge the hyper-masculine ideal that's often been promoted in the media.

Also included in these diversity-celebrating endeavors is Tinder's extension, which aims to accommodate users who are gender non-conforming. As the dating app previously only allowed users to choose between male and female, it was not inclusive of the many people who don't adhere to these strict binaries. With its extension, Tinder includes a total of 37 gender identities to promote diversity and cater to its users' needs.