From Eco Feline Homes to Lightweight Water Bottles

 - Dec 27, 2014
This collection of the top December 2014 eco ideas reflects the effort on behalf of brands to effortlessly integrate an eco-friendly lifestyle into the lives of consumers. Brands are transforming everyday activities like drinking water, driving and brushing your teeth to reflect a lifestyle that respects and integrates Mother Nature.

In addition to the onslaught of eco automobiles hitting the market -- most recently, the The SP:01 by Detroit Electric -- there are also products that can be within the car to make the experience more green. The PURGGO car air purifier, which looks like a pillow for the back of your seat, actually cleans the air within vehicles.

When it comes to getting your eight glasses a day, there are now plenty of options to accomplish this in a waste-free way. Recyclable bottles and faux glass bottles make it easy to stay hydrated without all the waste.

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