The Rubbee 2.0 is a Smart Motor For Bicycles

 - Nov 19, 2014
References: rubbee & gizmag
The Rubbee 2.0 is a bicycle motor that makes use of a polyurethane roller that rubs against the bike's rear wheel, driving the wheel forward and augmenting the rider's pedaling power. The second iteration of the Rubbee is claimed to offer a longer range than the original motor.

The Rubbee 2.0, like its predecessor, makes use of power from an integrated 250-watt motor as well as a 14.4-volt battery pack that can be fully charged up in three hours. However, the Rubbee 2.0 also boasts a nifty Pedal Assist Sensor that keeps track of how fast the rider is pedaling, with integrated software monitoring the speed at which the motor itself runs.

The device analyzes that data and determines how much assistance it should provide in the form of cadence adjustments and speed boosts.