From Astronomical Pendants to Cowbell Neckwear

 - Nov 3, 2011
In a world consumed by technology and machines, it’s always refreshing to find dainty handmade jewelry. These pieces are usually one-of-a-kind items because of this elaborate and unique way of production. Made of infinite kinds of materials like paper, matchsticks, metal, wire, food and beads, these accessories are fun and creative because of their multiple designs and sources of inspirations.

For people who enjoy arts and crafts, these adornments are a nice way to complement outfits; and if they happen to be the creators of the masterpieces, it’s even more appealing and satisfactory to wear them. For many social business, handcrafted accessories are a way to support less privileged communities where its members use their hands and skills to produce stunning pieces.

To find unique examples of rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets, check out this cute gallery of dainty handmade jewelry.