Svenja John's Futuristic Creations are Geometrically Hip

 - Sep 7, 2011
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Svenja John's creations are electric in color, spatial in design and industrial in fabric. In short: they're hip!

Svenja John, the German born jewelry artist is known for her surprising, meticulous, handmade and wearable art creations. She makes jewelry out of Makrolon, an industrial plastic used for cycle helmets, roofing and CDs.

According to experts, this material is usually transparent but absorbs bright colors beautifully, it actually "begs: to be electric and colorful -- and John obeys. She hand-colors each piece and then hand-cuts them and assembles them like a very intricate, 3D, spatial puzzle.

The Svenja John jewelry line includes bracelets, pendants, necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings and even bags. And when you're not wearing them, they might even pass as funky, color-blocked, contemporary space-sculptures!