Barrett Alley's Antique Fabric Bracelets Use 100-Year-Old Materials

 - Jun 21, 2011
References: devotism & barrettalley
American designer Barrett Alley sources rare old textiles and repurposes them into limited edition antique fabric bracelets.

Each of Barrett Alley's antique fabric bracelets is braided from a carefully selected sample of 100-year-old cotton or linen textile and finished with a hand-sewn leather and bone button closure.

The Daijobu Bracelet is created using hand-spun, hand-woven Meiji-period Japanese cotton dyed with natural indigo. The beautiful deep blue hue fades over time creating a strikingly beautiful pattern.

The Weimar Bracelet is made from antique German (ca. 1920s) linen woven into a classic red, white and blue plaid. It's finished with a beautiful hand-stitched selection of natural vegetable tanned leather.

The Francine Bracelet is hand made from a 100-year-old repurposed American red and white striped fabric with leather and bone accent.

Each of the antique fabric bracelets is hand-made in Texas from limited supply fabric from around the world. Take advantage of free shipping on and grab yours this summer before they're gone!