Vicky T. Hunt's Vintage Dolls Eye Rings Blink When You Move

 - Apr 21, 2009   Updated: May 26 2011
References: gingasquid
These gorgeous hand-made Vintage Blinking Doll's Eyes rings date back to the 1940s when dolls came with long eyelashes and big blue eyes that blinked.

The quaint but attractive jewelry, which is handcrafted by Vicky T. Hunt, is adjustable and is made of sterling silver “which is textured and oxidized to bring out a pattern in the metal.”

The Vintage Blinking Dolls Eyes retails at around $131 US.

Implications - When you hold the ring on a vertical angle, it looks like the eyeball is awake, and when it is horizontal the eye looks like it is sleeping. Your various hand movements will make the eye look like it is blinking and will quite possibly creep out the people around you!