- Nov 23, 2013
These creepy clown editorials are definitely not for the easily squeamish, showcasing circus acts modelling clothing in very eccentric and offbeat ways.

When it comes to common things that children and even adults are scared of, clowns often top the list of the most horrifyingly frightening things around. Whether it's because of their eerily playful or flamboyant demeanour or simply the fact that their hair and makeup is visually unsettling, clowns have become features that are instantly either beloved or hated amongst crowds. And by incorporating clowns into modern fashion spreads, designers are able to draw upon those striking impressions and create pieces that are bold and visually inventive.

From clowny couture captures to circus-themed spreads, these clown editorials will definitely make an impression on readers with their use of eerie circus themes.

From Victorian Clown Photography to Surreal Clown Shoots: