- Dec 9, 2011
Christmas is a time of sharing, reflecting and spending time with loved ones. As the joyous day draws near, one should add a healthy dose of laughter to their long holiday agenda, calling for some quirky Christmas ornaments.

These quirky Christmas ornaments make for creative tree trimmings that are sure to get your tree noticed. Ornaments are available in a variety of looks, themes and prices with luxury pieces costing $30, 000 dollars a pop or fun novelties like naughty holiday knick-nacks. Whatever your preference, the holiday season is sure to be unforgettably delicious with items like festive sushi ornaments, junk food-branded tree trimmings and edible arbor adornments.

The holidays are here so make them memorable with the help of these quirky christmas ornament creations.

These Tree Trimmings Make For a Fun Holiday Season: