Strange Christmas Trees Bring New Delight This Holiday Season

 - Dec 25, 2009
References: youtube & interestinglycoolstuff
Every wondered what it would be like to create a Christmas tree out of Barbie Dolls? What about beer bottles? Well, I can’t say that these ideas have been keeping me awake at night, however, I was able to stumble upon a few unusual trees for everyone to check out. I think one of my favorites is the upside down tree. I wonder what it would be like to bring home that type of Christmas tree, and then have a huge Christmas party where you invite all your friends, and co-workers from the office. If nothing else, the upside down Christmas tree would make for a terrific conversation piece, and it would be something to talk about for years to come. Personally, I think a few of my college friends would better appreciate the beer bottle tree, but to each their own. :)