Handmade Tributes to Edward Cullen, Bella and Jake

 - Dec 8, 2009
References: etsy
Twilight fans, rejoice! If you have the luxury of decorating your won tree this year, I'm going to guess these Twilight Christmas ornaments are your deepest fantasy come true!

All of the Twilight Christmas ornaments featured in this gallery are handmade by Etsy artists. They include papercraft ornaments by whilebabynaps which feature pictures of Bella and Jacob from New Moon; ornaments by Scrappinmemories4u which include shirtless pictures of Taylor Lautner and a couple of pictures of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart; clear baubles with quotes from the book by TheUrbanGarden, glass ornaments packed with strips of text from the Twilight books by SherryLynns (gorgeous whether you're into Twilight or not), a Twilight apple ornament by vsepe7 and the entire Cullins family as ornaments by TwilightPusher.