World's Priciest Tree Bauble

 - Dec 14, 2008   Updated: Jul 13 2011
This delicate 12 karat gold, diamond-encrusted Christmas tree ornament was made by Krebs Glas in Lauscha, Germany. The burgundy glass bauble is surrounded by a gold filigree cage that's set with 120 glittering VS1 diamonds.

The ball, which looks like it may measure about 4" in diameter, is valued at 20,000 Euros, which works out to over $33,000 Canadian dollars. You'd better have one fancy evergreen to hang this ornament on!

Implications - For those without the hefty pockets needed to carry all the cash these Christmas ornaments cost, the pictures are still satisfying. If you find yourself lucky enough to place an expensive item on your Christmas list this season, then this Krebs Glas ornament should definitely make the cut!