Basement Invaders Decorates Christmas Trees with Mario Baddies

 - Dec 5, 2011
References: etsy & technabob
Villains are probably the least expected to be festive, but Basement Invaders Christmas ornaments shows that even the baddies can complement the holiday spirit.

Basement Invaders are well-known for creating geeky home products in the form of various game characters. To celebrate the holidays, they've made Christmas ornaments in the shape of a few characters from the world of Mario. There's the classic Bomb-omb, Chomp from the N64 version of the game, the piranha plant and Boo the ghost. It's worth noting that the selected characters originally have round features in general, making it even more fitting for them to be ornaments.

The ornaments can be bought separately or in a pack for those who want more variety.