- Dec 1, 2011
Filling your home, apartment or condo with affordable, modern furniture usually entails a trip to the local IKEA; however, these chic contemporary couches will have you looking at boutique furnishings shops for your next living room centerpiece.

Curling up on a cozy, comfortable couch is a pleasure many partake in after a long day at the office. The recent surge in modern craftsmanship and experimental designs have resulted in some fabulous, and sometimes bizarre, home furnishings. Furniture manufacturers have dabbled with ideas such as computer-infused couches for the tech-savvy couch potato, and the quirky 'Shellfish Sofa' for marine-loving enthusiasts. One constant amongst modern sofa designs is the minimalist composition features and sleek architecture. Also, there are consumer demands for quality furniture that does not cost a fortune.

When the time comes to redecorate your abode, the wide variety of chic contemporary couches flooding the market can add flavor and style tailored to your liking.

From Shellfish Sofas to Chocolate Covered Chesterfields: