The Aero Bed and Lounger by Ventury

 - Mar 14, 2010
References: & whitezine
Ventury's Aero Bed and Lounger is a combination bed and sofa. Although, in terms of a sofa, it's a bit suggestive. The design is simple, but the effect is anything but. The Aero Bed and Lounger is a very sexy addition to any room. Decorating around it could be potentially difficult, though.

Ventury is a French company with a history of sensual and multifunctional furniture. For more from Ventury, check out their site.

Implications - Some consumers really like making their homes swanky and luxurious looking. Furniture that is sleek and sophisticated is appealing to these types of consumers because it fits in with the theme of their homes. Consumers don't just want luxurious looking furniture they actually want to feel the luxury the furniture emulates. If a company can make their products emulate luxury by just being around them than consumers will definitely be drawn to these types of products.