From Carefree Beachside Shoots to Hipster Festival Catalogs

 - Jul 11, 2013
These carefree fashion shoots are all about showcasing models letting loose and just having some fun while on set.

With so many fashion editorials showcasing models posing so rigidly and with little emotion, it's nice to occasionally observe photoshoots where readers can actually relate to the feeling or setting of the overall piece. While some fashion retailers enjoy creating photoshoots that are meticulously structured with specific elements and themes, these carefree fashion shoots are more about showcasing an easy-going side to fashion, illustrating models in often ordinary and mundane situations that most people will be able to relate to.

From carefree festival couture to playfully sporty streetwise fashion, these carefree fashion spreads will definitely attract a younger generation that are more inclined towards this relaxed look.