From Star Studded Movie Spoofs to Meth Dealer Dolls

 - Mar 10, 2013
After sifting through some of the more interesting Breaking Bad finds on the Internet, it's actually pretty amazing to think how closely modern television audiences have taken to Bryan Cranston's Walter White, meth dealer character on the mega hit TV show.

While I haven't heard any stories about former high school chemistry teachers turning to crystal meth-infused drug lords, these Breaking Bad finds demonstrate that the show has influenced lots of people in more creative and thankfully legal ways. From paper dolls depicting the Breaking Bad characters, to delicious looking and drug-free pastries, to funny web parodies and mashups, it sure seems like the sky is the limit for this series.

These Breaking Bad finds are also proof that chemistry can indeed be fun, at least when you're not destroying your family or making drug criminals angry that is.