Get the Walter White Look With the Perfect Breaking Bad Halloween Costume

 - Sep 25, 2013
References: cbc & halloween-ideas.wonderhowto
'WonderHowTo' shows everyone how to achieve the "I've cooked too much meth" look with this epic Breaking Bad Halloween costume. Halloween is right around the corner, and why not kick off the season dressing up as one of the most popular characters on television right now?

You can work the Walter White outfit seen in the lab, or the casual Walter White look for something more everyday -- you could even try Heisenberg on for size. There are so many options as Walter's character has many different outfits within the show.

For a meth-cooking Walter costume, all you need is a gas mask and a yellow raincoat. It's really that simple. Although you need the bald head and the beard, or else it just isn't the Walter we know and love.

So instead of buying some boring Halloween costume, be creative and make this Breaking Bad Halloween costume yourself. All you need is your friend to dress up as Jesse Pinkman and you're on your way to making more than enough candy for the night.