From Windswept Hair to the Blackberry Storm

 - Oct 9, 2008
The Blackberry Storm isn't the only invention named for or inspired by the weather--it's just the latest. At Trend Hunter, we've noticed how widespread our fascination with the weather truly is, whether it's through publicizing government-controlled rainbow theories, producing shower heads that mimic rainfall, or inventing wacky new extreme sports to take advantage of inclement weather.

These 57 articles showcase our fascination with weather--a phenomenon we cannot control that affects our lives on a daily basis. Some are practical, offering solutions to make it easier to cope with inclement weather. Others are cheeky and just intended for laughs. And then there's the Blackberry Storm, the mobile phone that is set to shake up the market with its launch.

In this cluster, we feature spy footage of the Blackberry Storm alongside dangerous snapshots of meteorological storms. There are storm images captured from space alongside photography of windswept tornado-like hairdos. There's even a bit of espionage going on with the weather functions bundled within the iPhone--the very phone that the Blackberry Storm is said to rival.