Ztohoven "Nuke" Pastoral Landscape

 - Jan 24, 2008
References: blogs.usatoday & nytimes
Czech it Out! Citizens of the Czech Republic were more than a bit surprised one morning while watching a live weather report.

The show segment began with the picturesque view of the Krkonose Mountains. Suddenly, there was a white flash, and a mushroom cloud appeared.

It was the work of a group of young artists known as Ztohoven who have a record of public pranks. In spite of the generally amused response of the Czech citizens, the Ztohoven are going to be put on trial in a month as a result of their behavior. They face up to three years in jail or a fine or both, charged with scaremongering and attempted scaremongering.

Oddly enough, they were given an $18,000 award last month from the Czech National Gallery for their video creation.