Black & Decker SS925 StormStation

 - Nov 28, 2006
When storm emergencies hit, it is better to have electricity, light and a radio. It is even better to have all those things together in one place and easy to find when the lights go out. Introducing Black & Decker provides you all the emergency essentials in one handy StormStation. This handy unit is equipped with a weather radio, power inverter, and detachable flashlight. When the power goes out, the StormStation comes on to keep you informed. The StormStation also features back-up battery power, a 25-watt power inverter, a 12-volt recharging port, removable flashlight and a Find Me light that automatically turns on when household power shuts off. All of these features run off the StormStation's integral 12-volt rechargeable battery, which fully recharges overnight so you are always at the ready. The built in weather band radio tunes to AM/FM/TV1/TV2/ weather frequencies to keep you up to date on the latest civil and natural emergencies nationwide and in your local area. The 25-watt inverter powers small appliances like cordless phones. The 12-volt recharging port charges cell phones. To be prepared for a power outage, keep the StormStation plugged into an electrical outlet to for a full charge.