Adidas Shoes, from V-Day Sneaks to Blog-Inspired Shoes

 - Feb 17, 2010   Updated: Apr 28 2011
Saying Adidas shoes is like saying Pepsi beverages. The words together make for an awkward redundancy which, if you haven't realized, makes the job of an Adidas footwear marketing agent that much easier.

Anyhow, you're welcome Adidas for this article and you're welcome too, reader. Please, enjoy these 57 pairs of Adidas which will have you running for Foot Locker.

Implications - Major brands such as Adidas are constantly creating newer versions of their products. By creating new designs and updating their products, they showcase to their consumers that they are continuing to grow and branch out. This also gives confidence to the brand's stock holders as it showcases that they are prospering.