66 Retrotastic Influences

 - Dec 26, 2008
Throughout 2008, we’ve seen an upsurge in the area of retro influences. Pinning down an exact reason for this phenomenon would be hard to do because retro inspirations and innovations have touched virtually all decades and several areas. 

Retro and vintage games, gizmos and gadgets point to a desire for times when gaming and electronics were simple, yet fun. Even the much beloved game Pacman has made a comeback; no blood and guts necessary for hours fun.

In modern times, recycling has become common place. It’s great how creative geniuses are now recycling retro and vintage objects like vinyl records to make art. Speaking of art, we’ve been inundated with retro-modern pin-up posters.

The biggest retro influence can be seen in the fashion arena. Magazine photographers have been taking retro-glam pictures of their favorite celebs and models for magazine shoots. And, couture from corsets to jumpsuits have made their presence on and off the runway.

Below you’ll find even more ways retro influences have inspired us throughout 2008. I wonder what 2009 will bring?