Retro Automotive PR

 - Nov 16, 2008
References: core77
I am a fan of old cars, as you may already know, so I got massively excited when I found this collection of retro stainless steel beasts.

The date back to the 1930s when an early stainless steel producer Allegheny Ludlum worked with Ford. Sadly, they stopped the partnership in 1967.

Here’s where the old-school manufacturing PR comes in: Way back in the 1930s, early stainless steel producer Allegheny Ludlum formed a partnership with Ford to show off their new, novel material. The result was a line of stainless steel showcars, starting with the 1936 Deluxe Coupe and ending with the 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible, with a ‘60 Thunderbird in between.

Rather awesomely, Allegheny Ludlum is still around and still driving awesome cars.