- Aug 24, 2011
Typically the denizen of the ultra-wealthy and rap stars, drop top whips have taken a new life in the last few years as more luxury car companies see the consumer desire for convertibles that come in different styles increase exponentially.

In this collection of drop top whips, genuine versatility can be observed. There is the new classic Cadillac Ciel, a wide-bodied car with a retractable roof, as well as the speed race ready Mercedes Benz concept cars.

Looking through this collection, it's hard not to imagine yourself speeding down a freeway in any of these fine vehicles. Nothing says the finer life than a luxury car with a retractible roof. But if you're like me, and are many years away from affording any one of these cars, this collection is a great way to live vicariously through those who can.


From Classic Caddys to Roofless Roadsters: