Top Cars For Women

 - Sep 24, 2007
References: ca.askmen
Let's be honest about women and cars for a second. The truth is, women are the primary buyers and decision makers when it comes to vehicles in the US, specifically, female baby-boomers. So what do they want? gives us their round-up of Top 10 Cars For Chicks.
1. Dodge Neon
2. Toyota RAV4
3. VW Eos
4. Acura RSX
5. BMW X3
6. Chevrolet Suburban
7. Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible
8. Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor
9. Pontiac G6
10. Mini Cooper Cabriolet

Female boomers have a lot of buying power in North America. The kids are finally old enough to drive themselves and that's being reflected in the automotive market. Just look have drastically minivan sales have plummeted. These women don't need a huge beast of a vehicle -- they want something fun and sporty that gets them to work, is gentle on the environment, has enough room for groceries (OK, and a few bags from Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic) and makes them feel alive again.

Will car manufacturers catch on? What are they doing to target these baby boomer women?

The day a company comes up with a fun, sexy hybrid, we'll have the answer!