Ludicrous Lactose-Filled PSAs, Fashion Photography & Products

 - Jun 20, 2009   Updated: Jul 12 2011
With possible arguments from the lactose intolerant, milk is pure, healthy and relatively uncontroversial. However, the creative marketing geniuses in several industries have used milk to inspire a number of viral ads which are funny, innovative, functional, sexy, and questionable--sometimes all at the same time.

From breast milk products to public service announcements, creative carton packaging, DIY chocolate, dietary aids, and fashion photography, milk can clearly do something for everyone!

Implications - WIth the undeniable success of the 'Got Milk?' campaign, milk has made a turnaround from a family-friendly drink into a super cool beverage that people of all ages embrace. Companies who reference healthy lifestyle within their print campaigns will likely find the same success that milk companies have gained from featuring cool, unusual milk campaigns.