Despite Buzz Over Portuguese Water Dog, Milk-Bone Picks Great Dane

 - Feb 26, 2009
References: people & brandfreak
Although the Obama family has hinted that their next dog will be a Portuguese Water Dog, Del Monte selected a Great Dane as their spokesdog to celebrate 100 years of Milk-Bone dog biscuits.

After Michelle Obama stated that a Portuguese Water Dog is her breed of choice because it’s a small, hypoallergenic dog, the breed has received widespread attention on the Internet. It’s thought that Milk-Bone would use that buzz for branding purposes, but instead, they selected a Great Dane, which is huge, sheds, slobbers, and probably outweighs every single Obama.

Fun fact: At one time Portuguese Water Dogs were almost extinct--only 25 dogs were known to exist in the world. Dog experts are puzzled at how so many varieties of Portuguese Water Dogs now exist, considering their once-rare nature.