Andrey Razumovsky's Racy Liquid Fashiontography

 - May 4, 2009   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: & likecool
Artists often find inspiration for their creations in the most unlikely places. Russian photographer Andrey Razumovsky's stimulating influence to create this work called “Milk” was, well, dairy milk.

Razumovsky's digitally-enhanced photography introduces us to a collection of scantily clad women photographed pin-up style and “draped” in “milk clothes” such as corsets, dresses, underwear, and bathing suits.

Razumovsky's work is undoubtedly very racy but I personally find the naughty collection rather entertaining and amusing.

Implications - In society today, it is often the most outlandish and unusual marketing strategies that garner the most consumer attention. Businesses that are willing to take a risk by promoting a bizarre concept will benefit by leaving a memorable impression in consumer minds.