From Sunglasses Without Lenses to Supersized Gold Chains

To celebrate the musician’s swag style here is a compilation of Kanye West fashion finds. Starting off, the rapper turned designer began making anti-fashion statements, wearing argyle sweaters that turned geek into chic. Since then West continually makes a splash in his jaw-dropping outfits styled by the man himself stating in one of his songs, "I don’t see why I need a stylist / When I shop so much I can speak Italian."

Music and fashion has always gone hand in hand, and West has been a part of many crucial couture partnerships. From being featured in hip hop lookbooks for the Japanese brand BAPE to designing his own cross-branded designer sneakers made with the French fashion house Louis Vuitton, this rapper knows what he's doing. Not only is West crafting designs, but he is making a long-lasting impact such as the ever-present sunglasses without lenses or shutter shades.

West is not going anywhere soon, so the only thing to do is ask: "what’s that jacket, Margiela?"