Shutter Shades (Gold & Silver Coming Soon)

 - Jun 3, 2008
References: shuttershadesonline
Shutter Shades don't have lenses. Instead, the plastic frames have bars across them meant to provide shade while still allowing in sufficient light.

They come in white, black, red, blue, green pink, yellow, orange, purple, sky blue, clear and my favourite, glow in the dark. Later this summer Shutter Shades will release limited edition gold and silver pairs.

Kanye West is personally responsible for the popularity of Shutter Shades, a company that launched in 2007. After wearing them in his music video to Stronger, demand for the shuttered glasses went through the roof.

Celebrities like Kanye and Paris likely enjoy the fact these glasses enable them to keep their shades on while indoors, without sacrificing their vision.

I saw my first pair of live shutter shades on the weekend, but chances are, although they're recently popular again, this older man still had his from the 80s.

For those who can't bare putting something so hideous on their face, they also offer t-shirts featuring images of Shutter Shades.