The USA Sunglasses by Jeremy Scott are Flamboyant and Patriotic

 - Apr 12, 2012
References: amazon & gizmodo
Although not as ludicrous as the shutter sunglasses made famous by Kanye West, the USA Sunglasses are still very strange; patriotically strange, but strange nonetheless. At least the USA Sunglasses don't obstruct a person's vision. Instead, this design takes on the distinct shape of the United States' landmass.

Conceived by American fashion designer Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow Sunglasses, the unisex USA Sunglasses effectively cover half of the wearer's face while leaving one eye bared to the blinding light of the sun. As far as statement-making shades go, these ones will not only make a person stand out for their unique style, but also for the obvious love they hold for the United States of America.