- Jun 25, 2012
Playing on a common theme of tradition, modern 1960s editorials also introduce new twists and styles to the look. The popularity of shows like Mad Men or Pan-Am has had a huge influence on the revival of 60s-inspired fashions that have rocked the fashion world once again.

The groundbreaking fashion finds that came out of the 1960s, a turbulent period in American culture that gave birth to a time period of fashion that reflected major changes in society as a whole, have been regarded as those with the most longevity, trumping the fads of the 70s or 80s by far.

With inspirations from supermodel Twiggy or former First Lady Jackie Kennedy (or, by the 60s, Jackie O), this era has been brought back to life in a big way through fashion houses and publications.

From Dandy Dapper Dudes to Baroque Bombshells: