Japan's Ramen Nagi Serves 'Insect Tsukemen' with Crickets & Mealworms

 - Sep 9, 2017
References: japantimes.co.jp
Ramen Nagi is a restaurant in Japan that serves a noodle dish called 'Insect Tsukemen' that is flavored with crickets, grasshoppers or silkworm powder and topped with mealworms and more crispy crickets.

In terms of taste, diners describe the experience of eating the deep-fried insects in this way as comparable to the texture of some kinds of fried seafood. For a full-course meal, consumers also have the chance to enjoy dishes like bowls of rice with crickets, spring rolls stuffed with fried worms and ice cream desserts flavored with insect powder.

Insect Tsukemen was created to showcase alternative food culture to city dwellers through ramen, as the practice of eating insects often happens in rural parts of Japan.