Asahi Transformed the Green Matcha Latte into a Bottled, Colorless Beverage

 - Aug 9, 2018
References: & designtaxi
Following the release of its Clear Latte, Asahi is now offering a creative spin on the classic green matcha latte with its 'Clear Matcha Latte' beverage, which is completely clear.

Although the product is packaged in a way that resembles bottled water, the Matcha Latte is said to have a rich and milky consistency that's comparable to the traditional green tea drink. Additionally, the product is caffeine-free, low-calorie and contains no fat. Asahi was able to create this unique beverage with a fragrant green tea extract and whey minerals derived from raw milk.

A number of inventive clear beverages have been launched in Japan, most of them boasting a mouthfeel that is comparable to a creamy, drinkable dairy beverage.