Cosmetics That Help You Look More Awake

 - Jun 24, 2013
References: pixibeauty & atomicnony.blogspot
If you work late hours and have trouble sleeping because of the sound of traffic coming from out your window, you know you're not waking up looking like Sleeping Beauty after a hundred-year nap. Thankfully, there are cosmetics that can help poor sleep-deprived princesses cover up that red-eyed, exhausted look. Pixi offers a wide variety of makeup products that help bring out your natural glow and wipe away signs of exhaustion. They have a new item called the Pixi Extra Bright Liner which, as it lines your lower waterline, covers the redness and brightens up your eyes. Makeup companies are quite ingenious for coming up with these products! Why? Because they know we're not getting any more sleep any time soon, so we're going to need a little help -- and so far, it seems they're doing a good job.