From Bleeding Color Silhouettes to Smeared Pigment Prints

 - Jul 29, 2011
Watercolors are a style of painting and expression that continues to gain immense popularity -- as can be seen within these watercolor features. Each of these stunning displays of artistic talent are individualized to the artist's taste and personality, while all following a similar visual theme.

Watercolor features can be easily distinguished and as such, they can leave a very strong, lasting impression on people. While some of these watercolor features are for fashion purposes, many are a part of an artist's self-expression and some are even used in advertising. Regardless of their varying purposes, these watercolor features are a taste for the eyes!

Implications - Watercolor techniques can be used by businesses within product packaging and promotions in order to display a company's creative side and stand apart from competitors. Businesses should continue to follow suit with the artistic world in the use of fantastic watercolor features like these.